How to Decorate and Clean Your Children’s Toy Room

Children are growing and taking up more space … Then when you realize your kitchen has become a toy store, your room has no more space for visitors, when you lie down to sleep you find carts and dolls in the middle of the blankets … A chaos! A great solution to this problem is to create a toy room for your child, where he will have freedom and privacy to play without disturbing anyone! Learn how to decorate and tidy up your children’s toy room !


– Remember to close all outlets with plastic protectors;

– Remove all sharp or sharp objects from the room;

– Do not leave any glass objects within reach of the child;

– Remember that children like to climb furniture, so make sure that no furniture will flip or collapse by hurting your child;

– Remove any small objects that are easy to swallow from the room;

– Be careful with stairs and steps;

– Use a washable material on the floor of the room to maintain proper hygiene, use a rubber mat to sit and play;

– Remove any plastic bags or objects that may suffocate;

– Be very careful with toys that have batteries;

– Check if the age range indicative of the toy is compatible with the age of your puppy.


– Have chests, transparent or colored plastic boxes, wooden boxes or cardboard boxes coated with colored contact paper.Encourage the child to store their toys after the game, teach them to separate the toys into boxes, so nothing is lost and the next time she decides to play, she will know where to find everything;

– You can place boxes with toys that the child most likes closest to the floor so she can pick them up alone, and other boxes on top shelves;

– Use labels on the boxes to separate the toys by categories, eg: saddles, carts, animals, balls, etc …;


– Try to use decorative objects that stimulate the development of your child.You can buy or have made shelves with stairs and slides built-in;

– Use tables with chairs so that he can carry out his activities with more comfort;

– The slates are great for your child to draw and even rehearse the first written letters;

– On the study desk put colored crayons, which are neither toxic nor dangerous;

– Use puffs to decorate the environment, there are several models: colored, in fruit formats, balls and even data with number and letters;

– For carpets, prefer rubberized ones that do not accumulate dust and with fun shapes such as hopscotch and puzzle letters or numbers;

“Did you know there’s a special kind of wallpaper for your son scribble?”That’s right, your nightmare of destroyed walls is over!You can let him scribble at will and you will have an eternal memory of the first drawings of his son;

– Use wallpapers and stickers with themes that reflect the personality of your little boy, never forget that the play room is his private world;

– Pula-pulas, polka-dot pools and cabanas are great options for entertaining your child in the toy room and still look great as a decoration.


Avoid televisions, video games and computers in your child’s toy room.Let him watch TV only when I was with you and during set times, the same goes for the video game and the computer.In the toy room it is important that he fantasize about the world, based on the facts that he experiences without interference from electronic devices.