How To Choose Toys For Children

We find them in specialized stores, in supermarkets and even in neighborhood fairs. Advertising bombards big boys and kids with incredible superheroes, with freeways that promise unbridled speed or slender wrists that even speak. Everything looks attractive, butwhat is it that will make you happy really ?

The fun begins from the moment the children open the gift package. In that minute the adrenaline rises to unsuspected levels and his mind and illusion travels unsuspected specters of the small. But the key moment for many of us comes when the mystery is revealed: Will it reward us with a smile, a thank you or… does it actually open it with little desire, almost for compromise?

Neither of these alternatives is as good or as terrible as they appear at first sight.Because, while toys connect us with illusions and more primary imagination, their choicecan determine how the little one is linked to the environment.

Buying a toy for children, if you really want the child to serve you, is not a trivial exercise. It is urgent to know your preferences, to connect them with them. For example, a “little boy”, that is to say the small one that fascinates the cars, can give a small vehicle to him, but not always. The next time, maybe a lace with car motifs, or a story associated with this theme. Or even a puzzle.

Obvious that the sure smile will get it with the first alternative, maybe the most didactic do not bring back more than a polite “thank you” (Ojo, these are other associated benefits: Learning to bear frustration and to thank).

My wise and endearing Uncle Salvador – who unfortunately passed away almost a year ago – understood this way. He was single and never had children, but I remember perfectly the day he asked me to buy a gift for each of his children on his behalf. He fixed a fee, but the most important thing was his lucidity: “I want it to be a toy that works for them, it does not matter that they do not jump for joy when they receive it.”

Said and done. My children politely thanked her for the gifts, but it was not exactly a whirlwind of emotion. However, I confess that they became the most used toys for them and until today, remember that Uncle Salva gave them.

Parents and grandparents find it hard to understand. It is necessary to instruct them in the sense that they do not indiscriminately give away toys. Here are some tips for choosing toys :

The toy must be desired by the child.

Make it safe. It must be made of materials that do not splinter or are sharp if broken.The smaller the child, the larger the toys.

We must buy them suitable for their age, always thinking, in the purpose and attitudes that they develop in our children.

Let’s take into account his personality: a withdrawn child will need socializing games (several players); A hyperactive child will find games of attention, art, etc…

Make it simple. This would increase the range of uses that can be made of it, developing its fantasy and its symbolic capacity.

Do not buy them to satisfy a momentary whim.

Finally, always contemplate that the excess of toys kills the fantasy and produces boredom. And always keep in mind, like the commercial credit card, that the best the best toy is not necessarily the most expensive.