How to Choose the Best RC Helicopter

The Type of Rotation

The blades of a helicopter which is equipped determine the type of movement and the simplicity of the control system. The simplest models and popular on the market have a fixed blade, of which you can not change angle and rotation speed, coupled with a counter-blade which deals with stabilizing the aircraft, fulfilling the mandate that in reality (and in the more advanced models and expensive) is fulfilled by the tail rotor.

In this case the remote control helicopter leaves the ground and takes flight exclusively thanks to the rotation speed of the blades, it is rather simple to control, usually it has small dimensions and can be used both indoors and outdoors, although it tends to be rather influenced by the presence of wind.

The devices with fixed blade and tail rotor represent a second step, are more expensive and a bit more difficult to drive although maintaining a readily assimilable control system. Rounding out the picture appliances with variable blade, which allow you to change the angle of the rotors and that are meant for more experienced riders.

How to Choose the Best RC Helicopter 1

The best radio controlled helicopters in 2016

Even the RC toys, especially the more technological, are bought with a certain criteria and not solely rely on the current offers. With our tips on buying, it will be easier to decide what to buy remote control helicopter in order not to have unpleasant surprises.

walkera 25101

Walkera 25101Walkera is well known to lovers of RC devices for reliability not only of its helicopters but also recently drone. According to, RC equals to remote control.

The main advantage of the model in question is probably being suitable for an audience of beginners or experts. In fact it has six channels, ie, commands more a helicopter has and its operation is complete and less monotonous.

For starters could do with a model with the four traditional channels (up / down, forward / backward, left / right, left / right rotation), but the addition of the other two makes it more fun and efficient.

In Walkera model the radio works with the modern system at 2.4 GHz: the advantage is a higher flow rate of the infrared and, at the same time, a lower chance of interference.

Bulkier and heavier than other radio controlled helicopters, however, can be used indoors and out but best expresses all its power, speed and flight quality in outdoor environments.

Here are summarized briefly the main features radio-controlled helicopter Walkera, a company very popular with RC fans around the world.

How to Choose the Best RC Helicopter 2


Versatile: Thanks to the excellent features present and ease of use, the Walkera model can be used by both beginners and experts.

Six channels: Compared to helicopters with four channels, the Walkera also has the pace and the gyroscope that allow a more fun and high performance applications.

2.4 GHz: The modern communication system at 2.4 GHz and has a double advantage, that is, the lower presence of interference and, at the same time, a discrete flow rate.

Dimensions: The Walkera helicopter dimensions represent the right balance between the very small models and those that are too bulky, so it can be used both at home and away.


Remote Control: Inside the package is not present on the remote control that will then purchased separately.

Syma S107

We begin our list with a model designed for flying indoors. We think the best radio-controlled helicopter because while costing very little is very stable in flight thanks to the gyro and great resistance to impacts.

Pretty little one, moves well inside an apartment: with a little practice you will be able to pass it without shocks through the gates and make it land where you want it. Being controlled by infrared, it can not however be used outdoors if there is a lot of sun and even the wind disturbs the flight too.

It can be recharged via USB or remote control; It takes about 40-50 minutes to load, then allowing 6-7 minutes flight. Not many, but it is a feature of all the products in this price range.

The metal casing protects the most sensitive parts from shocks, while the plastic blades do not even cut if we hit accidentally during use.

Simple to operate with a convenient infrared remote control and competitive in the low price compared to the average, and in relation to the services offered, the radio-controlled helicopter Syma is aimed primarily at beginners of modeling, looking for a handy model and extremely durable.

How to Choose the Best RC Helicopter 3


Control: With a small footprint and light weight, the model can be checked easily even by novice users and piloted through closed and confined spaces, such as doors and windows.

Security: Knowing that the moving blades of a helicopter, regardless of size, can turn into blades and pose a danger to those who accidentally comes into contact, Syma has made ​​entirely of plastic, not to be sharp even at high speeds.

Gyroscope: Although purists consider it just an addition Orthodox, the gyroscope was added on top of the blades gives the helicopter in flight a remarkable stability, to the benefit of those who are still learning to drive.


Battery: A negative aspect that emerges from users’ opinions, is the extremely low battery life, which, compared to nearly an hour of charging, it offers less than ten minutes of battery life; a feature common to the models of this range, but that may be a disincentive for those who want to become familiar in piloting.