How to Choose Age Appropriate Toys

Toys are an integral part of the physical and mental development of the child. How to choose a toy? The toy is to be effective, the child must use all functionality associated. Therefore, it should be selected, focused on the child’s age.

How to Choose Age Appropriate Toys

In the first six months of life, children’s toys should have Visual, auditory and tactile appeal. It is not recommended to play with children up to two months with a low head leans over them, because of poor eyesight, can they see small objects at close range. It is desirable that the toys do not exceed the size of the child’s head. Select Toys of bright warm colors. For 4-6 months, you can teach a child and other colors, as children begin to discern colors sequentially. First yellow, then orange and red, blue and gr nt, dark colors characterized later, the last to appear purple. Each toy must have relevant information about the manufacturer, quality, materials, labelling, and most importantly, tested and approved by the Ministry of Health of the toy, and must also be assigned to an appropriate minimiål der, which is designed for this toy.

The advises you to buy toys for the little ones, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that all edges must be flat and smooth, without protruding edges or detachable small parts. For children from 3 years of soft cuddly toys, buy it only in individual packages. Voltage electric toys must not exceed 12 V. Color shall be resistant to saliva, sweat, wet processing.

Toys for children from three months.
During this period, the baby starts to actively monitor the adults who played with him with the help of toys. At this point, it is necessary to follow the movements of baby toys to the left and right, head turned, went to look and see. It is best at this time to buy toys with sounds and melodies. It is better that such toys hung directly over the bed. This is another carousels, rattles, rings, etc. Remember that you must ensure a good fixation of the toy, so she could not harm a child. The toy should be secured about 40-70 cm above the bed. Inappropriate in a given period considered toys on springs. When the time comes and the child will want to explore the toy, leave it, but don’t let him play without supervision.

Toys for children up to 6 months.
During this period, learning to manipulate objects with the help of an adult. During this period, you must often communicate with the child, involving him in different games with toys. The child responds to sound, he turns his head and finds a toy look. For the active development of your child during his wake should always keep near his toy.

Toys for babies up to 9 months.
For children from six months to develop the necessary motor interaction with the toy, the ability to generate action and get results. During this period, the most interesting child development centers, some of which you can turn, drawing while different sound enticing. It is necessary to diversify the range of toys. In addition to traditional rattles, rubber bullets, you can use a simple puzzle game with dice.

Toys for children under 12 months.
some criteria for children’s development during this period is the ability to fold a pyramid. Be sure to check the child with this toy. First, the pyramid contain multiple rings with large holes, but eventually it is necessary to complicate the look. You also need to teach your child to build a tower out of dice. At this age, a child should be clear of the picture of a dog or a bear, etc. Very useful toy with the efforts deployed in the holes that develop thinking skills, visual perception, promotes the formation of a child’s understanding of the shape, size and color of the object.