How to Choose a Toy for a Child

Almost all modern farm there is a sandbox where I love to mess around children of all ages. Play with sand is fun and educational, and many children would be happy to sit in the sandbox for hours.

Children of all ages are drawn to the sand like a magnet. Even very small children trying to build from the wet sand, pour from Bowl to Bowl, sometimes even taste. To give your child a more exciting pastimes, inventing many fun, interesting toys to the sandbox. So simple shovels and buckets, and more advanced toys presented in such quantity that the choice is not surprising, and confused.

How to choose toys for the sandbox

Security is the main criterion that must be buying for a child. Shovels and moulds, buckets and other toys to be made of non-toxic materials that do not have sharp edges, and odors.

Good sand kit including a bucket, a scoop, a couple of shapes, a rake and a strainer. The child will be more interesting to play in the sand, more a set of parts. Great to have on hand in the set, two scoops of various sizes–the smaller can be filled with sand molds, pour the sand from one bowl to another, and more – to pour sand into a bucket or truck. Toys should be light, not the color of acid, non-irritating child’s eyes. The child must be a pleasure to watch them.

Toys for children of different ages

When choosing toys for the sandbox should pay attention to the weight and volume of the items in the set. Legavenue than a toy, the better, especially if the child is small. Plastic pick one that is stronger attacks he would have to endure a lot. Do not select a large bucket volume – the children who could not cope with him. Click to see safe toys tips.

For children between the ages of ten and twelve months for small shapes that fits easily in the hand. These can be figures of animals, which can be easily recognized, geometric figures, other simple objects.

With the exception of the molds, it is good to buy such items to assist the child in its development as a watering can, a strainer to sift sand rake. If children play in the sand, for example, in the yard and in the House, such items are of particular importance.

Play with objects, reminiscent of some tools, a child can imitate the work of adults. The dough kneaded «children» and «bake» sand cakes, wearing the machine or wheelchairs with loading, splash in the water.

The older children can be purchased and others designed to play with sand toys, that they use, trucks, strainers.