How Is Entertain The Children in The Car?

Surely at holiday time take the car with children more often, an experience that’s not all the families too pleasant, especially if it’s long journeys. But it’s all about that children are comfortable. Today in our question of the week We want to know:

How is entertain the children in the car?

Music, movies, books, toys, games, audio stories… from how manage to get the kids to be quiet and entertaining? Or they fall asleep just upload?

I imagine that there will be many different cases and that it will be a combination of activities, but we’d like to know what, and sure we discover some “trick” interesting for the next car ride with the children…

The question of the week

Seven days ago I wondered about the summer and holidays, if you prefer breakfast with baby on beach or mountain, and agarciacastineira tells us how are your holidays by the sea:

I’m on vacation at the beach with my 4-month-old baby and half and my 4-year-old girl and a half. Morning we do pool session Dad or MOM with the biggest and the small is in house, by of that Sun, are the Central hours of the day etc…
In the afternoon, at about 6 o’clock, we go to the beach, the mayor enjoys a lot and the small take a few NAPs relaxed with the noise of the waves, well protected under the shade of the umbrella of your stroller and ours, to those of the 8 If you are awake the lame for that of a little air and because the Sun at that time is not harmful , and always with his cap and his t-shirt. I believe that we are doing well and that all we are enjoying what we like in summer which is the beach.

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