How Do You Pick Up Your Toys

Children play and shuffle it all love them, but when it comes time to save the toys already isn’t so much fun.

In give us some good advice to apply in day to day and teach your child the good habit of collecting toys at the end of the game.

Here they are.

1 it designates a place to store toys, considering your child’s height

2 works with your child. Start when your child is still very small, so he will have the habit of keeping toys at the end of the day.

3. click Save toys make a family activity. This is a good time for parents checked toys that need repairs, or discard those that can not be repaired. A simple repair can keep a toy for a long time.

4 keep your expectations reasonable. Your child maybe can do things the way that you want it to, but this is the right time for teaching and learning.
5. your child might need help understanding what needs to be done. Try to divide the activity of “picking up toys” in small steps, for example, say something like “Put all the blocks in the bag and hang them on the hook,” or “collect all cars of the floor and put them on the shelf (or drawer)”.

6. reward your child’s good behavior. When he pick up toys, as reward share extra time with him.

7. plan ahead. Before playing with toys that have small parts, put a sheet on the floor and when the children finished playing simply collects the Savannah by the corners and empty small parts in toys box.

8 converts to collect toys in a “game” say something like “I see a green box,” let your child identify the object and put it in the crate or bag of toys.

9. keep available a box or a crate for small toys and missing parts. At the end of the day, you can order things. Your child will know where find lost objects.

10 used an alarm clock and play with your child about how many toys can collect it before sounding the alarm? OS divirtireis a lot.

11 then each Member of the family to collect 5 objects and store them in the assigned place. Don’t forget that children learn also imitating the actions of elders.

12 teach your child the right place to put not only toys but also other household objects. Cut out a magazine, toy photo and paste it in the box or drawer of toys in which you want to save the toy.