Have Already Come to The Magi

This morning is the most special of the year for children: have already come to the Magi. It is the day most expected by the small, most desired awakening.

See the face of illusion to discover the gifts with your shoes is priceless. The empty cups and dishes are the sign that their Majesties has gone home and have taken the snack that we have prepared for them the night before. They speculate where been able to enter and time have been able to come.

Comes time to unwrap gifts to discover that it is exactly what they had asked for in their letters, or times not so exactly, but they understand that their Majesties perhaps not have been able to get it. Also, they accept with joy that have brought.

Once removed the wrapper, it is when parents throw us all morning freeing the toys from his restraints, assembling parts and launching and configuring electronic objects.

Today is a day of magic for children. Have already come to the Magi and there are hours of family fun and games. We wish you’ll have a happy day of Kings along with your children.

By the way, don’t forget to take a picture of your son with his gift of Kings and send it to us along with your name, age and a comment to our site so it is posted in the blog.