Habitat Shops for Children

As children are becoming ones are looking for spaces where to exercise their right to privacy. From the three years they enjoy playing the game of homeownership improvising with blankets or cardboard boxes and then with more professional designs.

Our colleagues from Compradiccion teach us some stores that are sold in Habitat you will love them having children at home to use as a refuge.

Reversible and stamped in multicolored fabrics, tents are called Geronimo and are coated with a plastic layer, which has two advantages: it is very easy to clean and can be fitted on the outside without fear of rain.

Also ircorporan pockets so that children can save there toys and turn it into their little world.

The advantage of shopping is that if you don’t have space at home to install a rigid House, camp can be mounted and rise in just a moment.

Geronimo’s Habitat shop price is 85 euros.