Gifts for Babies

Give a gift that is age-appropriate for a baby requires very careful in choosing, especially, who’s going to buy, no kids and don’t live with children. Want to please your parents? Give clothes. At this stage, accelerate growth and children lose clothes with ease. It’s an idea that no mistake. Joker But, if the focus is to please the child, give educational toys that stimulate thinking and motor coordination.

It’s still hard to decide what to give as a gift? Okay, to make it easier, we give ten suggestions that will ensure success in time to deliver the long-awaited surprise.

1 – assemble and stack blocks

Gifts for Babies

This activity challenges the child to draw up something from the pieces that you are willing. Assemble and stack requires concentration and develops motor skills thick and thin. Choose preferably wood, but plastic blocks on the market that are also good.

Before choosing, take into account the variety of colors, rounding the edges of the blocks and the type of paint used on wood, if you have (see is written on the packaging “non-toxic paint”)

2 – Toys that play sounds and songs

Prams, dolls, animals, musical instruments … There are so many options of sound toys which seems to be easy to pick, but you have to have attention in quality and intensity of the sound. Very noisy toys can help stimulate the child and make her more agitated and less concentrated, which is not good. When choosing, sound level test and judge whether it is nice or not to listen. You can be sure that mom and dad will appreciate careful in choosing!

3 – docking parts Toys

It is a great fun for children have multiple docking available parts and try to combine one with the other. On the market there are cups of different sizes, that works as well as proportions perception there are toys whose base there are spaces to fit pieces of various geometric shapes. Is a kind of toy that baby will enjoy for a long time.

4-toy phone

Today, the cell phone has become so indispensable in routine as having a car. In this way, the baby see people constantly with phone in hands. At this stage of childhood, he was attentive in repeating the adults that are part of your world. Give away a toy phone will make you get laughs and more laughs.

This option is very educational, because it stimulates the interactivity, the socialization of children and the causes in the communication.


Give clothes is very useful at this age. But how to grow too fast, you need to be aware of the size chosen. Opt for slightly larger sizes, especially if the baby is great. As a reference, some six months longer than the age of the child.

6-fabric books

Why haven’t you instigate the child into the habit of reading? Oddly enough, you can begin the process as a baby. Made in fabric, are washable and many have interesting stories. Contact early on with the book stimulates cognitive development, increasing the ability of oral expression and comprehension level.

7-savings account

No more sense than thinking about the future of the baby and a savings plan that ensures the education of the minor. How about opening a savings account, start with a deposit and give away? Parents will love the idea and I’m sure will continue to invest.

8-toys for the bath time

The fun in the bathtub is guaranteed if the bathroom is combined with various toys like ducklings, submarines and pets from the bottom of the sea.

9-inflatable pools

Whether at home or on the beach, the inflatable pools are excellent choices. Prefer the smaller, fit two babies (to the buddy or girlfriend make out together) and those that are easy. In times of heat, nothing better than cooling off in the pool, doesn’t it?

If you want to increment, this can turn into a ball pit.

10-push toys

Within a year, if the child has been, it might still not have the poise and self-confidence enough to give their first steps without support. Push toys are great for encouraging them in this step. Are various models, ranging from the simplest stands up to vacuum cleaners, being excellent engines stimuli.


With this toy, the child is caused to troubleshoot, developing logical reasoning skills. The pieces are simple and few, but without giving up the colors and shapes. The play, she is taken to coordinate what you see with the tact, which guarantees a good motor activity.

12-maze Toys

The baby can trace multiple destinations to the balls, practicing patience and motor coordination.


What kid doesn’t like to play ball? Super colorful, have various attractions, such as textile lining, plastic and with bells. The game helps in muscle stimulus and acquisition of autonomy, because you realize you can get the ball rolling.

13-baby earrings

Many people tend to give earrings for the baby to further enhance your feminine and tender side. Well, no doubt the safest and anti-allergic earrings are made based on solid gold and not that are coated with gold fantasy, silver, or other. From 14-Karat Gold is the safest for the baby’s health. In this way, infections, bleeding, or any allergic reactions are avoided.

If, at the time of opening the gift, the baby feel more interested in wrapping paper that’s role in this, don’t bother! After all, at this stage of life, everything is stimulus for the baby. The most important thing is to witness the joy of getting something chosen by you with so much affection.