Games with Your Baby for Three Years

A few days ago I discussed what were the possible games and toys suitable for sharing time with our children, and at the same time, so that they learn things sporting, when kids were a year or two.

Today we’ll talk about what are the best games and toys for your baby for three years.

Children do not play for fun, at least do not sole objective even though we seem so. For them, the game is the way they understand the world that surrounds them, understand and test its complex rules. Is not something you learn but they are genetically programmed to play and learn from it.

Why? Then because that is how our brain learns more quickly. What we like most are always wings first and better we learn.

So far the baby had developed the game in order to acquire perceptual experiences, learn to coordinate movements and develop attention and concentration. But It is from the three years when the game suffers a major change.

The emergence of symbolic play

It is now when the fantasy of the child begins to invade every aspect of the life of our son, now is when playing to mimic, plays to be MOM or dad, play driving, cooking, gives food to their dolls, to us, etc. All real situations that are part of the life of our son, will become a part in turn of their games.

This is neither more nor less than the development of cognitive ability Since thinking is nothing that handle representations in our head of things that are not present. Therefore, the game at this stage is vital now It allows them to develop thinking.

The start of the socialization

It is also now when your child will begin to want to play with more people, and go slowly moving game alone by other types of games that require companions. This situation will gradually progress until you reach the six years which will be a very important issue. It’s time to share, get out of the solitude of the room to find other peers to share new experiences, negotiations, and toys. It is the time to be reaffirming the who they are and build own character who will accompany them the rest of their days.


At this stage It is very important that the toy not only suit their age but also his personality.

Thus for example the development of symbolic play we have dolls houses and accessories, figures of animals, people and characters, blocks of construction, clothing to disguise himself, books of images and stories.
Psychomotor development: tricycles, balls, rings and rings.
Social skills and creativity would have simple Board Games, puzzles, memory games, clay, waxes, paints, etc..

Always remember that despite all, play with your three-year-old baby is the way that the you have learn and it is better to be which go watching what and how you want to play.