Games with Your Baby (6-12 Months): Needs Your Time

A few days ago talking about how interact with infants, of the games that we can share with them to have fun together, encourage them and help them a little developed in many aspects. Did talking babies up to 6 months, and today we’ll talking of the Children older than 6 months and up to one year.

As we said the other day, one of the most important things that we can offer you is our time. Children at this age already play enough with material things that we buy them, and I am referring mostly to toys, but these are still only an enhancer element of the game and therefore do not usually want to be alone, but having them to play with their toys together.

What we can accomplish playing with them

Play with the children should be something stimulating for children and stimulating also for parents. It does not have to have a goal behind, because then we will convert a good time with our baby in a moment of work, duties, “I do that I learn”. In other words, children learn to play, but the main objective is to spend time with him, about us, bond, get us well, etc.

Remains after this course, I comment what we can achieve with children, so when choosing toys we know what might like them more or with what we can ascertain. Children from six months can:

  • Start be aware of your own body: with sensory games, toys with mirrors or games with photos of babies, family or himself.
  • Experiment with the sounds and music: I love them, so it is important to put music, sing and dance with them. Toys with melodies or to locate sounds can be of great help, although we should not abuse them by our mental health.
  • Exercise the view: toys in motion or 3-d favor depth perception and vision in three dimensions. Are suitable games with vivid colors, shapes, tales of fabric with simple illustrations, etc..
  • Stimulate the first vocalizations: to do this we have to talk about them much, repeat words, name objects, celebrate their attempts, etc. There are toys with voice and educational DVDs, which can be used. What happens is that they do not interact with the baby, and therefore are useful as a vehicle for speech, as an aid for us, but not as a main game.
  • Facilitate the crawling: crawling is very positive for the neurological and physical maturation of the baby. 6-7 months should favour the crawling leaving the children much time on the ground and reinforcing their small advances. Some toys with motion motivate displacement and can be of great help to encourage autonomous movements first. If not, always we can leave things closely so they want them to take or sit close to them by calling them so that they come to our arms.
  • Promote the handling: We provide objects and toys suitable for exercise and encourage manipulation: grab, throw, turn, hit, tighten… This allows you to assimilate the third dimension and improves your hand-eye coordination.
  • Improve your motor control and balance: games that invite to move, throwing, balance, push, crawl, climb are suitable…
  • Experiment with the fall of objects: throw objects down, again and again, allow them to discover the space and assimilate the cause-effect relationship. We have to be patient with this and let him throw and throw objects, and light and heavy duty toys. Also so you know where comes the patience of father and mother, who is also interesting for them, right?.
  • Search for people or objects: in this stage must learn that Although the objects or people from hiding, not go away. It is recommended to all toys that are opened and closed compartments or games where the adults show how hidden things are still there. We will, as a few simple boxes with objects that we put and fail to see, but they are still there, they do wonders.
  • Calm down the output of the teeth: there are teething rings, teething rings or other toys that help alleviate these nuisances at the time that favor oral exploration.
  • Acquire basic concepts: we can provide them with games that allow us to explain simple concepts and inside – out, mixed, near-far, etc..

Let them discover that they have toys and things that we offer

As you may have seen, more than games, you have explained concepts, so be ye that permit children to start discovering the world through toys and items that let them to do so. Interesting is that, while us who give them toys, and while we know exactly how it works what let them, We give them some freedom to make them people who discover the possibilities that hide.

They have a much more open-minded than us, they are much more creative and us adults much more squared and more given to make a summary, or a synthesis of what something you can offer us, much limiting uses that we give to each object.

As they are more capable of finding new applications that we, and not impede their innate curiosity and the pleasure of discovering things, it is important that when give it a new element Let it them know what it is. It is very possible that they end up using it in the way in which we do not expect to use it, but nevertheless it must be wrong. To grow themselves will find the purpose or utility that we see, and they will be added that they found him.