Fun to Power over Toys with Wheels

‘Learning by moving’ It is a promotional video of Whinter, a Danish manufacturer of tricycles and bicycles for children, created with the idea of transmitting the concept that children develop physical and psiquicamente playing on wheels.

As you can see in the images children spend big, but the best thing is that without being aware of it are also developing their imagination, making friends, stimulating their creativity and strengthening motor skills such as coordination and balance as well as strengthen bones and muscles.

But not all toys with wheels are reduced to bicycles and tricycles. There are plenty of varieties to two or more wheels for all ages, from tricycles without pedals for the smallest to scooters, cars, carts and scooters for the elderly.

You can also appreciate that kids are very warm, so although soon reaches the winter not uséis cold as an excuse for filing this kind of toys.

Francesc thanks for the warning