For Schools to Opt out of the Toxic Toys

Children are exposed daily to hazardous chemicals at schools, but it will be easier to select Remove toxic floors and toys. The Swedish environmental management Council is working to develop criteria to be used in contracts.

Preschool Solar cottage in Viksta outside Uppsala, the parents are not willing to wait without taking matters into their own hands.

Sofie Joosse showing how they began to check up what was in the room, however, and replaced harmful toys with others.

“You can watch this at the back of the head on the dock where there are a number which you then can check online and see how it is produced. Another concern is what we stand for. The floor. PVC mats can contain plasticizers, phthalates, which are unhealthy, says Sofie Joosse groups parents engaged in removing some of the chemicals that hides in things on for school.

The children crawling around on the floor, Sofie’s son Midas 2 year old sucks on a small plastic car. The chemicals found in pillows, mattresses, toys and place plates falling into the dust as children’s fragile little bodies then get in and of itself.

When the Swedish Chemicals Agency controlled some toys appearing on kindergartens around the country found not only substances which are harmful, but also that the concentrations of them were above the limits of what is permissible in Sweden.

Anne L on the Swedish environmental management Council are working to produce guidelines to make it easier to ask for things purchased at the tenders. For as it stands today, there are few in the know on what things actually contains, as they often are produced in countries far away.

“People have thought that there is an authority that has checked everything-but that’s not the case,” said Anne L.

And there is reason for parents to be concerned about the chemicals to which children are exposed, according to Anne L.

“Many of these have shown a tendency to affect the hormone system and it is very important that it is not disturbed during development time when you’re small. You’ve seen correlations of diabetes, obesity and some types of concentration. For high levels of certain chemicals can also provide public health diseases, says Anne L.

Parent Sofie Joosse think there should be stricter rules on what is allowed in schools.

“I think that this is a worrying story but it is also something that we can do something about. I would like to highlight that not only should feel that it is really bad, and then turn a blind eye to it, but also to do something about it on your own, “she said.