Fisher-Price Children’s Blocks

The blocks are a toy that baby can practice the ability to use both hands, in turn, develop the coordination thereof. When your baby is between 6 and 9 months, this is one of the toys that many experts recommend as very suitable for its development.

With blocks, they manipulate, fit, and they can be stacked in different ways and this form, develop the psychomotor skills. Fisher-Price children’s blocks They consist of a group of twelve blocks of colors that can be entered in the die-cut cover that has the cylinder.
This cover enables the baby to learn to identify the different forms like the cylinder, cube, etc. Each problem is a challenge that will learn to solve. Blocks have the perfect size for a baby can handle it with his hands and once finished the game, blocks are collected inside the cylinder.

Fisher-Price has a variety of blocks with different shapes, colours and functionality with which your baby will be happy.