Eight Ways to Promote Play in Children

If you feel that your children are stuck in a routine with the game, surely you will like to hear these ideas to foster creativity and imagination through play. And if you also do not have too much free time to be with your children here we give you some ideas to play with them.

If the weather’s nice, one of the best alternatives to play with children is nature, in it you will find hundreds of stimuli that will encourage your curiosity and that will help them to develop their scientific vein, all children take a small scientific inside!

1 leave to play abroad.

As I said above, always play outdoors is fun for children, and if in addition we make games in the open air, it will help us to promote the love for nature, discover new ways to play including natural elements, and also may “guarrear” all you want, no sofas or upholstery that can stain!

2 games without batteries

If we have too many toys with batteries, I recommend you bring forth them is or when they wear down, not remplacéis them. Aside from polluting the environment, batteries are holding back the imagination of the heads of our children. So the power and imagination to invent the sound of a car, a helicopter or a doll crying. I have checked with my son, toys that used are those who carry less technology, at first the lights do grace, but after awhile you get tired.

3 games made with natural elements

Give free rein to your imagination and think of anything you have at home to play with your child. This game to find the hidden treasure using rice can be a fun option. You can also hide different materials in colorful balloons and let your child guess what is hidden inside the balloon and order the balloons by colors, count them…

4 play in pajamas

Whatever you do, do it in pajamas is scientifically proven that it is much more fun.

5 sign up to whatever

Kneel, get to the height of your view and get the child with them. It will be fun for your children and a therapy of happiness for you.

6 I know spontaneous

Surprise your children half way when you go to drive (or walk) errands. I speak of doing in the car because you can hide their bikes or scooters in the boot between a memo and another can stop, Park the car in front of a park and tell him to go get bicycles, car and play a while!. Sure you surprise them and they rejoice greatly.

The day I made this photo to Lucas had to pick one thing to a friend’s House and the poor was left with no choice but to come with me, the drive is a bit long and although it behaves always super well when we travel by car, I thought that it could make illusion that made a break to go out and play when you didn’t expect it.

7 volume

Put music at full blast and dance your favorite songs, sometimes we forget dancing with the amount of things we have to do a day but it sure if we all dance a little bit every day, we smile more!

8 cooking with children

You know that I am a devotee of the kitchen and especially with my son, here you have many ideas for cooking with them.