Disney Toys That Work with Solar Energy

Parents are in luck. The Spanish toy IMC Toys has developed Disney toys that work with solar energy, leaving behind the “wonderful” world of batteries.

Toys that have been created are Solar Friends, dolls with childlike of familiar characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie, the Little Mermaid, Dumbo, snow white, Winnie The Pooh, etc., that walk and dance with grace that operate without batteries.

Toys must be purchased with a charging cradle, which is sold separately, equipped with a photovoltaic cell with which the character will catch “forces” with the help of the Sun.

IMC Toys has stated in this regard that these toys “will help children to create social awareness about caring for the environment with the help of their parents”.

The dolls cost €9.99, while the basis of charging €24.99. The objective in this case is that the children have a single base for charging all their characters.

Is certainly a concept of fantastic toy that we save money on batteries, we save the energy we use to charge the batteries or save you the planet a few batteries, missing makes that we begin to care a little more for it.

With respect to children, the charging base is a concept to work style “tired, let’s take it to the NAP” or simply “has run out of battery, you have to load it back to work”.

The dolls are intended for children five to seven years, although honestly, seeing the aesthetics and functioning, they look for younger children.