Discover The LEGO Movie Video Game

The LEGO Movie

Lights, camera, here you go! Now you can build the entire cast to film with LEGO ® set based on the movie’s most memorable scenes. Emmet with help to escape from the melt room or plan the takeover of the world in the dictator’s evil Lair! You can also fire missiles from the sound barrier -piercing ice flying, build your own scenery, and instruct your very own great movie!

Discover The LEGO Movie Video Game
Discover a world in which the citizen Emmets.
Emmets is an ordinary citizen immediately by most.

Completely random appointed Emmets, which the person who must save the world. Emmest comes in a completely amazing and eventful expedition, and together with a group of strangers must stop an evil tyrant.

Discover The LEGO Movie Video Game

Game properties
You will have fun over a wonderful and surprising mix of more than 90 characters from the film world, among other things. Batman, Superman, the Green Ninja, Gandalf and more in 15 exciting levels.
You smashing a lot of bricks in a fascinating environment made of LEGO bricks.
You collect and use LEGO: instruction sheet to build in a whole new way.
You travel through amazing worlds which, among other things. The Wild West and Cloud Cuckoo Land!
You utilizes the Champion building’s impressive strength to construct amazing LEGO buildings
Discover a brand new animation style, as it appears in the movie, that mimic the movements of real LEGO toy set.