Decoration with Old Toys

And then? Are you one of those people who like decoration? So you probably know that retro decor is not just a simple trend, is it?We are talking about a classic style, but that does not mean that something locked and without possibilities of innovation.

One of the greatest attributes of this style is the mixture between the old and the new.That is, the way the classic elements of decorating elements from the 1920s to 1970s blend with new colors.In the end, the result obtained is super cool and the effect on people is something between the modern and the cozy, typical of period homes.

For those who like the genre, it is not difficult to find items that go back to the past to decorate your home. As in such a case they are the soul of the house, they can be everywhere. Sometimes it is something that is very close: those old objects that you have inherited from some relative or that are in that store close by. Simple items that do not even have to be the most expensive ones: I’m talking about that old radio or fan … even old toys can get into the dance.

That’s right, old toys: in certain rooms they can be a real luxury depending on what you intend.They, who have been playful companions, do not need to be relegated to the rooms, as objects that must be considered secret and with orders to remain distant from the eyes of others.Like posters, they can stay in offices, TV rooms, small libraries, and places that bring culture.

Yes, in this case, toys are not just toys, but cultural objects.They tell stories, just like so many other elements scattered around the place, then nothing more fair than having their space.Not to mention that they bring life to the place where they are displayed, either by the colors or by their style.So much so that they ceased to occupy only their primordial function in play to really be parts of collections worshiped with the greatest effort and investment.And woe to any child who touches these precious things!Have you seen the scandal that the most fans do in an hour like this?

Now the problem is that buying these objects now means some budget problems. Some online thrift stores with a little more collection offer such items with an average price are not necessarily very friendly. So it may be more business investing in family objects. Of course, toys can be part of these relics. After all, not everyone has the courage to separate from the superhero figures or to get rid of that beloved Apache Fortress during childhood. Other good objects for this are strollers.

New toy stores may also be good options, but the reason is that some sell products that are very similar to those that made kids’ heads old.This option may come out much more than some thrift stores, but a few visits to them may actually be worth it.Who knows your talent in the art of bargaining can not be efficient?

Did you like the tips?So put it into practice and make your home look just as cozy as only retro or vintage decorating style is capable of.