Cute Doll Accessories

Blue Short Sleeve Top and White Rah-rah Skirt Set Peter Pan Collar Lace Cuffs Blue Spread Collar Doll Dress Half Sleeve Rhinestone Detailing Hemline

In the online shop for a large selection of dolls accessories and dolls care articles. Small dolls mothers forward carrying seats, car seats and pink bicycle seats, with which they everywhere you go with their favorite dolls. With the extensive doctor sets, your child in a different role can slip and maintain the doll quickly back to health. For even more fun, there are miscellaneous accessories for dolls hairdressing case, bathroom sets, rocking horses. Thanks to remote-controlled quads and scooters or inflatable pools, small dolls parents can have outside enjoy the exciting game with the dolls.

There are also jumbo games for children as well as all about Diddl and Disney toy story. Now browse through the extensive selection and order the appropriate toys or accessories today!

Doll accessories by the vial up to the car

There’s a great selection of doll accessories. The range includes both dolls house and furniture as vehicles, doll clothes and sets for bathing and feeding of doll babies.

Pink and white cars are Barbie and many more over the garden lawn, some lady also travelling on the coach through the nursery. The dolls ladies wear trendy fashion outfits and fabulous ball gowns. However, dolls mothers tighten their baby’s plush romper and drive with the pram on the playground. Some mom gladly carries her child in a baby seat with. A pink bottle quenches the thirst on the road and at home another doll accessories available on demand: the potty and the bathtub. Browse doll accessories and discover doll beds, doll vehicles and many beautiful dresses!