Construction Games and Its Benefits

Construction games are people greater success among children and one of which accompany the recreational activity of children for longer.

It’s a set of pieces, same or different, ways that can be multiple combinations, creating different structures. The most traditional are the Lego, but nowadays there are a lot of toys with these features.

Around the second year children start to discover what are treated to about five or six years, that when they have already become experts in the art of riding and snap.

In the early stages is more than anything a process of handling the parts. Blocks and cubes games love to put one inside the other, stacking them and above all, shoot down them. It’s a phase of research of objects, they learn to differentiate them by size, color and to relate them together.

Later, as the child is mastering technique begins to handle the concept of fitting to assemble objects, scenarios and items as close to reality. As well as the child grows the difficulty of the game increases, and must coordinate more accurately their hands and fingers with your view encouraging dexterity and fine motor domain.

Through these games, children acquire basic notions for understanding the world that surrounds him. In addition to developing their motor skills by manipulating parts, helps them to acquire spatial concepts such as volume, mixed, high/low, short, geometric shapes, as they acquire more complex such as balance, symmetry or resistance notions.

They are also a base so that they develop symbolic play, also called child simulation game recreates situations you see in real life. Imitate what they see and create new ways to activate your own creativity.

Construction games contribute also to the child to be more organized, because the game itself makes that become accustomed to sorting and classifying parts.

But they are not only beneficial to your motor and intellectual development, but also to their cognitive and emotional development and even some study aimed to contriubye the rapidity in the acquisition of language.

This kind of game helps the child to accept that there are certain physical rules which must observe, that all is not as he would like. This will help you in the future to better adapt to the standards in all situations of life.

As you can see, construction games are not only a lot of pieces that spread. In addition to entertain them, they have many advantages for their comprehensive development, so that they become a great ally of preschool-age children.