Christmas Gifts: Toys to Move

We are offering a series of ideas to give to the children in our Christmas gift guide, and on this occasion we will bring you toys that invite children to move, they rise from the seats and exercise the body while having fun.

And it is that every time there are more offers Leisure and passive play for our children, but next to the traditional games in motion that we always claim there are more or less classic toys that also encourage physical activity. In addition, in this series of Christmas gifts We found good ideas from two up to 25 euros.

Christmas gifts: three wheel Scooter

The three-wheeled scooters they are ideal for children from two or three years, make that they coordinate their movements and you will love doing “Racing” with them when they learn the technique. You’ve loved this scooter (the latest from Disney) plans, we have seen it in Kiabi and costs 24′ €99.

Horse stick with sound

Stick horses are a traditional toy that children imagine thousand Adventures “backs”. This horse also incorporates sound, so the children won’t gallop. Recommended from the three years, we have seen it at EurekaKids and costs about 15 euros.

Fun balls

Nothing like a ball to run to a child, a classic toy but always fashionable. And more cool still if it is decorated with drawings so dear as those of The Smurfs. These balls are in the English Court to two euros each.

Plastic tricycle

Tricycles, plastic for children help them to coordinate their movements and are the previous step to bicycles. There are many sizes and prices, but you don’t need to spend much money on them. In Don Dino we have a tricycle with basket by 19’95 euros.

Christmas gift: a ball jumper

We continue with our Christmas Toys Guide with a very jumping proposal. Throw and throw away without stopping, this game so fun and simple for children from age three, with balloon jumper incorporating a handle so they grip well. Jumping balls of 45 centimeters are in Decathlon in colors and varied designs and cost 9’95 euros each.

Motorcycle ride

The small motorcycle ride plastic is another “vehicle” that children love. Thanks to its wide wheels do not find it hard to maintain the balance and soon they learn to run over them. In Carrefour found several models to 19’90 euros, as the Princesses (recommended from two years) or the Monsters (over 18 months).

A slide for home

It is not always possible to go to the Park to have fun, but at home, we also have a small swing if we have some space in which to put it. This plastic slide for children three to six years (measures 59 x 50 x 92 centimeters) costs 19’99 euros in Toys “R” Us.

We hope that these gift ideas for Christmas with toys for children that invite to the movement you have inspired to do exercise with your children while you divertís together. Enjoy them!