Christmas Gifts: Toys for Thinking

I have proposed in our Christmas gift guide ideas for different ages and also toys so children don’t stop still and put into motion. Today we continue speaking of Christmas gifts, This time with toys for thinking.

As the way in which children reason and its capacity is different at each stage, we ordered these proposals according to ages, starting with toys that stimulate babies to five year-olds. These are our suggestions for toys that make our children, while they think, have fun.

In addition, we continue with the “low cost” spirit and all the toys that we propose do not exceed 20 euros. So no one is left without its Christmas gift.

Monkey turns and orders

We started with a gift for children from six months, When can start to turn this toy and watch in the colors and sizes to differentiate them and later sort them. The monkey tour and orders is of Playskool and in Toys “r” Us by 12’99 euros.

Bus encajaformas

Children begin to control fine motor and related forms, and to show their skills nothing better than parts to fit. This is a colorful bus with four animals to be placed in the right seat. We found it at Toy Planet by 19’99 euros.

Christmas gifts: watch activities

This game, recommended for children from age two, is composed of a watch and a collection of tokens that represent the everyday daily activities. This activity helps and aimed at children, in a simple way, in the understanding of the evolution of the time and learning hours. Clock activities is Eduland and we have seen it in El Corte Ingles for 8 euros.

Peppa Pig puzzles

From the three years children can have fun with this beautiful Peppa Pig puzzles, one of the favorite characters from the kids. It has nine cubes and they may form different scenes. Peppa Pig puzzle is Cefa Toys and found in Toys “r” Us by 10’99 euros.

Wooden Domino

Between the two and the three years recommended this Domino’s large size made of solid wood. Measurement of chips allows that these remain standing, to play in different ways. With this game, the child develops attention and stimulates logical thinking. It contains 28 pieces of solid wood with beautiful and colorful drawings. In Juguetilandia per 8’95 euros.

Christmas gift: the first mini tablet

From the three years we find this touch “educational platform” to learn and learn about farm animals, know what sound do, eat, are classified, how are their offspring and more interesting information copper them. It is easy to play and includes a mode of questions. The minitablet Lectron Diset is and we have seen it in Carrefour by 19’90 euros.

Addition and subtraction

From the five years is recommended this game to learn to add and subtract, reviewing what is learned at school. With pieces of puzzle and a CD-ROM with multimedia games, this box proposes addition and subtraction easy, recognition of mathematical symbols… The educational Multimedia addition and subtraction game is Diset, and is found in Juguettos by 10’95 euros.

We hope that these gift ideas for Christmas with toys for children that invite you to think you have inspired to learn and enjoy together with your children. Stay tuned to the blog, because we will bring other proposals for Christmas gifts.