Christmas Gifts for under 20 Euros: Children from 6 to 12 Months

We continue with the second part of our proposals of Christmas gifts for babies of less than a year. This time we will focus on infants 6 to 12 months, if your case is even more little can see our proposals here.

Christmas gifts for under 20 euros

In these ages already are not talking about a baby who spends the day in the crib or arms, many may sit and some of them, the older, begin to make their first tests of what will soon much be his springboard to freedom and new sensations; We speak of walking.
They are also babies much more active and interested in the world that surrounds them

So the gifts here will go from toys with lights and sounds multiple, nestable, through balls and ending in ride or some kind of toy that will help you in your motor.

And these are some of my chosen:

Always toy, ball

As old as walking, of all colors, sizes and materials. Easy to find and all the prices. That Yes, we will strive to be a sufficiently large size so you can not swallow it, and is not made of any material that might bite and release, such as foams or pastes solid.

Building as the Clemmy Baby games

This type of game power visual perception, motor skills, imagination and creativity. They are toys that baby will enjoy them for a long time, because as it grows it will change the game mode, but will continue using toy, at the beginning can only use it to throw them against the door by the noise that make, or that destroy the towers that your you do, but then it will be whoever does them and will continue trying to create all sorts of ways.
You can find the Clemmy stores Dideco 16.95 EUR.


It’s never too early to have a book and these ages for books like this, with sounds will baby many hours of fun. You can also select which talk about animal farm to which associated sounds or vehicles that we normally see and the city. A huge and wonderful, world a Christmas gift perfect.
You can find these in the Dideco by less than 14 euros.


While these toys can be for a wide range of ages I would not give away them, or would do so carefully, before 6 months. For my eldest son caused you too much stress will not be able to fit the pieces in place. As it grew, he was able to better manage their anger.
In poly, you can find them for less than 10 euros.

Buttons, buttons and more buttons: VTECH AIR VTECH bilingual

In this toy combine various things, large buttons, musical sounds and words in different languages in a toy that moves and forcing the baby to go after him (what ends to which your going to go after him) but surely he passes it pump. You can find it also at Poly for less than 20 euros.

And this has been all for now in regards to babies of less than a year. You know that any questions you have can expose it to us and we will try to resolve it. I, for my part I only wish luck this Christmas if they are the first who pass with children. We are sure that they will be wonderful but id making hole for toys.