Children Play Less and Less

A few weeks ago appeared a news that saddened me because the holder, which is the same as today I replied in this entry, speak of a very serious fact: children play less and less.

Yesterday was Christmas and hundreds of thousands of children of all the world received hundreds of thousands of gifts, the most toys, designed to provide children with fun, joy and happiness, and also, although many parents do not create it, learning and development in spades.

Toys are the tools of the game. Thanks to them (but not exclusively thanks to them, that you can play without toys), kids can play and develop your imagination, creativity, their intelligence, their motor skills and their sense of belonging to a society, among many other things. I.e. through play children learn to live and to understand the society in which they live as they unfold, being happy on the road.

And parents arrived and stole them hours of gameplay

Reading again the first three paragraphs of this post, any parent who wants your child develops properly, to understand the society in which he lives, to know the different social norms, that learn different concepts every day and will be happy He would try to play to be part of the greater part of the day of their children.

However, our limited adult minds are not capable of realizing that “not by much early wake up early”, which means that not to provide children more hours of study, more routines and more activities (activities with rules and timetables, normally the extracurricular) they will be more ready or won’t grow before.

The rhythm devilish in which live adults is especially harmful to our bodies, not only physically but also, and above all, mentally. Stress is one of the most important 21st century disease causes, because it causes many physical problems that are not assessable with medical evidence (when somatizamos transforming into physical problem, a problem that originates in our mind).

And this stress and its cousin the anxiety, which so far were of almost exclusive appearance in adulthood, appear at younger ages.

Games are increasingly sedentary and individual

Returning to the news that commented at the beginning of the entry, it is a study carried out by the toy company famous, involving nearly 1,200 families.

The study shows, in addition to children now play less than us adults when we were little, that they are increasing sedentary and individual games.

Famous explained that obviously, noting the conclusions of the study, they will use the results to design their new toys. This could be done thinking, as children increasingly play more alone and more sedentary way, the firm will to dedicate to make toys that encourage children to play with other children and to promote that the game is more physical, providing more movement.

However, logic says that famous is a toy company whose objective is to make children develop better, are less obese or to maintain better relations with their peers, but create toys and sell them. If I were the “famous Lord” and saw a survey that children tend to play more individually and sedentary create toys that adapt to this trend, what would that children would play even more individually and even more sedentariamente.

Although they play less, the parents already seem well

We read also that even the kids now have less time to play, most of the parents considered that that time is sufficient. Is obviously something logical, since they are the same parents who, pointing them to activities, are stealing that game time free children much-needed.

As it says the bullet you can see here: “children who make things for children will be adults who will do such things for adults,” of what emerges that children who do things of adults will be adults who make kid stuff.

A synonym for “child” is “infante”, of life infants living is called ‘childhood’ and when parents too strive to control it will be called ‘stolen children’.

Prohibited do not play

The General Assembly of the United Nations said in 1959:

Is a children’s right to play and adults must ensure their compliance in all and each one of the children.

This text was ratified in 1990 in the Spanish Parliament, so it could be said that it is strictly forbidden that children do not play.

Yesterday was December 25, children surely have new toys to play this Christmas and to play, too, the rest of the year.

Let them play and, above all, play with them. If you are worried about your development and if you want to do the best for your children (as we want all parents), give them the chance to play much and give them time to play with you. Oddly enough, that is the best gift You can do them.