Campaign “Violence Is Not a Game”

“Violence is not a game” It is the Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer (AMI) campaign aimed at the population in general and in particular to the educational community, which is raise awareness about the need to initiate boys and girls in equal and cooperative, values through toys and games.

We already know of the importance of play as a tool for learning and socialization, but the games that are offered to our children not always are best suited, and we have already seen that on many occasions they presented as sexist or violent.

In this campaign issue of IAM, the motto “Violence is not a game”, stressed in paragraph eight of the ten commandments of the Institute to choose toys and games, non-sexist and non-violent:

Avoid toys, games or violent video games and education to solve problems in a positive, constructive and creative way.

With this aim, the campaign distributed to schools in Andalusia, as well as other institutions such as libraries, universities or departments, a total of 30,000 posters, table calendar 50,000 and 100,000 book bookmarks.

There has also been broadcast via the website of Ami and, as a novelty, they have had a presence in social networks Facebook, Tuenti and Youtube.

Responsible for the campaign, the objective of it is parents have a critical position before the avalanche of advertising and that this serves a good choice with principles of equality and non-violence.

Since 1995 the IAM promoted this campaign based on the importance of transmitting values through games and toys that are not gender, that promote respect, responsibility and equality.

Although most of the work is done during the pre-Christmas and Christmas, results are looking long-term, because every time we buy more toys throughout the year. So we hope that the campaign “violence is not a game” follow this in many schools and homes throughout the year and the values and attitudes that promote don’t forget us.