Campaign “Like Me” Promotes The Sale of Toys with Disabilities

Tired of never finding dolls that resembled their children, a group of parents of children with disabilities, launched a facebook campaign to get that companies began to manufacture toys that their son could feel identified. Thus it was born Like Me, a campaign that promotes the sale of toys with disabilities.

The campaign I’ve had its peak when the users of the social network Twitter, through the hastag #ToyLikeMe they turned it into viral. Since then, several companies have shown interest and even some already has any model on the market.

A success

Campaign was started by facebook for a couple of mothers of disabled children and immediately began to win fans from all parts of the world that not only engaged to ‘like’, but it also started to upload photos of their children than toys they themselves had changed to be similar to their children and even parents of children without disabilities joined the campaign disguising some of his dolls.

Even a petition has been launched through the famous site of that brands like PlayMobil, LEGO or Matell begin to manufacture this kind of toys.

Not only are you asked support to os manufacturers of toys, but also companies like Disney that include in their series and movie characters with disabilities.

More than 150 million children worldwide have some form of disability and having a toy that can feel identified would be a great help.