Bored Children

At this time there is an infantile behavior that strikes me: boredom in children. Yes, it seems lie that children may be bored. They have a lot of toys and however not found to do. I remember that my childhood had plenty of free time and however not bored me. He could play and imagine adventures together with my friends; and thinking about this assails me with doubt: why children now get bored?

In these times families are doomed to work with which children are also tied to the calendar of the parents: apart from going to school, they attend extracurricular activities, drawing, music, sport… and for the hours remaining is the TV, computers and video games. Result: are always targeted, receiving orders from an adult telling them to play, what to do, how and how much.

When you are bored seeks to do, self decides to undertake an activity out of the State of boredom. And it’s a thing that you learn in life. If we always plan the activities that our children should follow would learn how to recreate those quiet and free hours who have to make up a game, an activity?
Forget the calendar, a day without it is a day full of possibilities. My son at times is home not connected to do, I show you all the options that are there in the House to play and among them is the game of cat: do you a cave with a blanket and painted him a few cat whiskers. There she stays hours playing. I do it to show you that anything used to play, there are corners in the House where secret, fun and just for kids. Sometimes Luke self-initiated play bus in the closet.

It is also true that children need time to be with their parents, but on the other hand need to learn that parents have their obligations and their own “hobbies” at home. This usually occurs frequently in the only sons and by common sense I have understood that the best toy for our son is another child. A group of children they hardly get bored. They become animals, astronauts, explorers, builders, doctors… When come friends of Lucas to play at home, they entertain each other. A moment in which I am away letting your imagination fly. Laughter, shouts, racing and even fights among them are a unique enjoyment.

I have taken from the book “The voice of the children” of Katrina Kenison (which has also made me think to write this post) an old family recipe that the author review:

“Recipe for the preparation of the children”

  • 1 field covered with grass
  • Several dogs and puppies (to be possible)
  • Sand and pebbles
  • ½ dozen children
  • 1 Brook


Pour the children and the dogs in the field, leave that they blended well.

Pour pebbles on the Creek, until they are lightly sparkling.

When children catch a nice tan color, cool them in a tub with warm water.

After drying them, serve them with milk and freshly baked gingerbread.