Best Toys for Learning Math

Would you like to help your children learn math? So makes it a breeze instead of a dry and chore! Here is the top 10 toys, which makes it fun to memorize numbers.


Magical mathematics

Here you learn mathematics in a fun and entertaining way. Magical mathematics contains 15 fun math tricks, tasks and small headaches.

It is a mixture of a little magic and talked trick, and of course the general study of mathematics. For example, you can learn “speedy bill” or “read minds” and play various small math games.

Magical mathematics provides an experience of math which is much more than what it says on the textbook. It can help, to give the child an aha-experience in an entertaining way … and there’s nothing better than the aha-experiences to make kids enthusiastic to learn more!

Mathematics in Måneby

Mathematics in Måneby is an exciting math game that combines action and competition elements with entertaining learning where children are motivated to continually improve their performance. The game takes place on the planet Guloppernes, where there are beautiful mountains, dangerous chasms and smoldering volcanoes. The player’s task is to help with the building of a new city and all the mathematical calculations required along the way. Sage helps, if you need it.

The player needs mathematical skill to solve the various tasks and problems along the way in order to proceed with the building of moon city. Among the tasks is training in arithmetic, geometric shapes, surface area and volume, fractions, percent expense and equations, just to name a few. The tasks varied by a random number generator, which is automatically adjusted according to the chosen difficulty level/grade levels.



This is the original version of the material, which helps the learning of mathematics, geometry in 2 and 3 dimensional shapes, design, spatial understanding and technology.

The kit is comprehensive enough to give big play value for the smaller, while at the same time still help older children to understand complex mathematical theories.

The patented ends, clicks easily together and gives an amazing hinge function. This function is required when you have to create 2 and 3 dimensional geometric shapes.



You don’t know what this is, and it is for your children.

They are used in the school math teaching in a more tangible way to understand volume,, quantities, lot, division of colors, plus pieces, minus the pieces, fractions and linear measurements and much more.

The colored plastic cubes are perfect for weight and measurement activities.

Each cube measuring 1 cubic cm and weighs 1g.

Centicubes can be snapped together – and disassembled again.


Magnetic figure vending machine

A funny and educational machine introduces numbers and mathematics to the child. At the same time, it also develops hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills.

With the magnetic pen kept the red and blue balls through the maze, and fill in the gaps, so that there are 10 balls in the room with the number 10 and so forth.

An educational toy in high quality gives entertainment to the child. It is also a good way to practice math.

The machine is completely without loose parts, marbles is located behind the plexiglass, so it is not going away. The magnetic pen is fixed with a leash.


The little funny math professor

Learn lots of math in a funny way! This little math computer is right to have in your bag everywhere. Math Whiz is used just like a video game and makes the children tasks in putting together, pull apart, multiply and divide and it also works as a calculator. There are 8 levels in each type of your operation of choice, and you can even choose whether to be sound on or not (Thankfully – it is now nice to have the choice!).

Really nice and easy to use for children.


Locusts – a mathematical jumping game

The game “locusts in the number country” connects movement with the learning of numbers. The game develops motor skills, and the child becomes familiar with the numbers 1-10 depending on the child’s age and what game variant is chosen. For the slightly older children, it may be the beginning of knowledge of addition and subtraction.

This funny and active game teaches kids about numbers in a variety of ways.

As a grasshopper, you jump from number to number, without falling and hitting the ground around them.

This gives them good exercise and challenges the balance.

The game has multiple variations, in addition to learning about numbers, you can practice in plus and minus for the numbers 1-20.


A different abacus

An innovative and different abacus includes brilliant balls on wire and counting-play.

Each arc has 1 to 10 beads, and the figure standing at the bottom. It can be used on multiple levels to start to learn to count from 1 to 10 and then simple mathematics.

A funny introduction to numbers and mathematics – made of solid quality and no loose parts. It can be used for both homes and institutions.



This is a fantastic little thoughtful “calculator” that cannot be in your pocket ….

Only ten pieces can be taken from above and can only be pulled out at the bottom. If the child must pull 5 from 8 then added 8 pieces in “the machine” and the child can now even drag 5 pieces out and see that the result is 2 ….

A “hands on” help, as it goes very figuratively for the child to learn the first math tasks.


Morphun math system

Morphun math system is an award-winning system, which is also used in schools to teach children math. The kit is for children from 5 years and above and includes pieces with numbers as well as pieces with dots– it is quite normal for children to use their fingers when they need to learn to count! With this math set, children can both use numbers but can also count the dots on the tiles.