Best RC Receivers

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For model building friends, the RC receiver shop offers the wide range of receivers of important manufacturer:

These include the mini receiver of Carson, Kopropo, and micro devices cheap LPR radio receiver with interference-free F.H.S.S. technology, super fast Sanwa transmission equipment or versatile spectrum model construction receiver with up to 8 channels.

Connect the receiver to the correct construction of the model

Remotely operated vehicles make fun correctly only if the communication between transmitter and receiver. Consequently, the connection between the remote control and the receiver in the model should work smoothly. So that you connect the right model construction to recipient, we have in the RC receiver shop a wide range of different devices of various model manufacturers in the offer. We offer detailed descriptions of every RC receiver:

The micro is suitable recipients of horizon hobby for range of RC models in scale 1:18. In addition to gas and control, is yet another channel available. We also offer the Robotronic universal receiver. Thanks to its small dimensions, it is used in countless vehicles. Is the new frequency spreading process (FHSS) is applied, the radio receiver for RC work virtually trouble-free models.