Best Cool RC Vehicles

Climbing RC Car 118 Scale 4WD 2 Control Channels Rechargeable Design

Miniature vehicles are fascinating for many, therefore the selection of RC vehicles for children and adults is increasing.

The model car shop offers a wide range of vehicles with remote control for RC fans: racing cars, jeeps, electric trucks, car classic and RC construction machinery can be ordered at Kotte and Zeller. These are mostly licensed miniatures of real vehicles. If remote control models with batteries are used, then the RC is suitable vehicles for children.

Remotely operated vehicles make dreams come true

Car lovers can relax in the miniature vehicles shop true dreams, because in Kotte and Zeller is there among others RC Ferraris, Porsche and remote control Lamborghinis. The detailed replicas are official license product, so that also the manufacturer logos and inscriptions make replicas. The elegant miniature classics offer but also a lot of fun, because they move in all four directions.

Who can go touring on the piste that addicted to Motorsport, with a remote-controlled racing buggy or a miniature? To defeat this stock and stone are, we recommend remote controlled monster trucks or the terrain mini rock crawler. All mini vehicles with remote control are already assembled. The size of the RC vehicles range from cute 1:43 models of up to stately 1:8 vehicles.

High Speed Remote Control Car 4WD 2.4GHz Radio System 118 Scale BlueRed

Be with RC construction machinery Builder

If RC construction machinery at work, even the spectators get into Rapture. Real looking machines for miniature construction site, which are reset remote-controlled excavators, dump trucks and snow groomers, the sometimes even real construction projects. Like to be filmed the activities. So are new roads, dams, dikes, ramps or bathing lakes in mini format.

With RC client be machinery, which is more than a gimmick, because loading a RC trucks or digging out large stones requires skill and concentration. Have several interested parties joined together to a construction project, and then the different RC must be coordinated construction equipment with each other. Adults have huge fun as children. Crawler excavators can with imagination and humor with an RC or allovers itself annoying gardening exciting fashion.