Batman Line of Toys

Superheroes are not only successful on movie theaters or in comic books. Character-inspired toys appeal to children, and parents have little choice but to give in to the pressure of little ones and buy favorite carts, clocks, helicopters, dolls, and accessories. With the release of the movie “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises”, the bat man is back in evidence and this boosts the sale of Batman line toys and dolls.

Batman Toy Line Fantasies

To leave your child with the “face” of Batman, a good option are the fantasies of the Batman line of toys.The Luxury Batman Costume of South American Costumes is the gift is ideal for birthday parties and costs $ 199 in Magazine Luiza .One more option in mind is the Batman Pop Fantasy, which comes with made of cacharel, short and short overalls, and can be purchased for $ 59 at Walmart .

Batman Toys

To encourage children’s creativity nothing like the superhero puppets. The prices of Batman dolls vary according to the accessories and the quality of the material of the toy.At $ 19.90, you can buy the Mattel Basic Batman Power Attack Figures from the Ri Happy Toys virtual store.The Dark Knight Rises, of the same brand, costs more expensive, $ 149, in Magazine Luiza, but comes equipped with four accessories, including the new EMP gun that can shoot projectiles and turn on lights.

There are other options for Batman toys with promotional prices. Magazine Luiza, for example, offers the best price to buy the Batman Batmoto Attack, from Mattel that comes with a Batmoto (which turns into Batpod with armor and weapons), a puppet, an accessory and a projectile. The price of the gift dropped from $ 219 to $ 149.

If your child is already over three years old and wants to go out there with his own Batmoto, you can give him a Velicrol Tricycle from Bandeirantes. The toy has front wheel with grip that gives safety when the small skid. The Velotrol has an EVA tire, adjustable seat, tubular steel structure and a Rom Rom glove that emits a sound similar to a true engine. It costs R $ 279 in Livraria Saraiva .

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Discover which toys stimulate the child’s imagination

There are several other Batman toy line products available for sale in both physical and virtual stores.It is worth researching to find a toy that pleases your child and encourages you to play and use your imagination.