Baby Pals for Nintendo DS: Playing Virtual Parenting

In the same line of Dogz, Horsez, Catz simulation games of Nintendo DS where you have to take care of virtual animals, Baby Pals It is of one in the the player It must meet the needs of a baby.

To begin with, making use of genetic manipulation, you can choose the color of eyes and hair that we want for our baby. They can buy you toys and clothes (will come with help by birth?) and of course, take care of all tasks of any parent as changing diaper, feed him (no breastfeeding), bathing him, make him sleep or play with him. Also you can be taught to speak, crawl, and help you take your first steps.

Caring for a baby in real life is not as easy as in the game, fortunately. Or we can choose what our baby will look like (at least for the time being and hope than ever) sleep with a simple click, or educate them touches on the screen shot. Luckily, it is much more rewarding than that. And we lose much more than a record when not attending to their real needs.

Meanwhile, it is a good workout, but bear in mind that the real children are more complex and wonderful.