At Each Age, Her Toy

To ensure that toys comply its function, it is very important to meet the needs and interests of the child and are consistent with their development, therefore according to its evolutionary stage you must select the most appropriate toy.

If the toys belong to an earlier stage, the child is bored and if on the other hand, correspond to an upper stage, is angustiará because you don’t understand the game and fails its purpose, therefore it is very important that at every age enjoy toys that require.

Babies up to 6 months, are discovering your body and the world through the senses, follows objects with her eyes, loas seizes, leads them to the mouth, distinguish shapes and colors. Is the time that play with mobile crib teething rings, rubber dolls, rugs of activities, in the end, toys with different textures, sounds and colors.

From 6 to 12 months, the baby stays seated and likes to explore, drag and throw objects. Toys that most appeal to you are those who roll, like soft balls, vehicles, rollers. Also love the simple nestable and activity centres with many buttons, doors, keys, books of rubber and musical toys.
With 12-14 months they begin to take its first steps, first words and begins to have friends. The swings and tricycles or drags the Popes leading will please him greatly. Snap games, musical instruments, slates, clay and as dolls, will not, be their favorite toys.

2 to 3 years, they have mastered the balance and the time comes to run and jump. Their new skills to induce him to imitate the familiar scenes, and wrists like you with their dresses, wedges and other utensils, toys that represent offices, phones, toy, etc. Also displayed a predilection for shovels and buckets, the puzzles and the paintings.

When they are between 3 and 5 years, they discover the family environment and demonstrate their feelings in the games that begin to share. Bicycles, the articulated dolls, costumes, puppets and board games, are a good choice.

5 to 6 years, curiosity and imagination are protagonists, they are also able to read, draw and write. Successful gifts can be balls, crafts, kites, remote control cars and educational games / memory questions and answers.

In addition to seeking an age-appropriate toy, educational, creative and ingenious, should be a safe toy. Before you buy it there to make sure that it has the seal of guarantee of the EC, which ensures that it is manufactured according to the safety standards set by the European Union.

But also, as parents, need to look at it under our critically thinking about the dangers that may cause to our son in particular, each know the temperament of our small and risks which can be every game for it. We must pay special attention to the small pieces, paintings, to the edges, accessible batteries… and buy them in specialized establishments where you can advise us.

Other qualities of interest are resistance and solidity that toys must meet. If you break the child toy the first time playing, it let down you and will not help you to appreciate the care of their toys.