Apache RC Helicopter

RC helicopters are among the most popular radio control vehicles. One of the reasons is that they are easier to control than airplanes or remote-controlled gliders. And, among all the models of RC helicopters, the Apache is, without doubt, the most sought.

The current RC helicopters come with a device called a “twist” or “gyro”, which makes them much more stable and maneuverable, and prevents outages due to lack of support, but also hinders certain maneuvers. If you’re buying a Helicopter Apache RC, we advise that you seek those who are provided with rotation with tail lock (Heading Hold Gyro), since they allow you to perform unhindered.

According to http://www.songaah.com/search/helicopter/, the smaller RC helicopters can be flown, even indoors. The mini are plastic, and have only two channels for its control. The larger are metal, and have up to four channels that allow Ascend, descend, turn left and right, walk in back and hold it in place.

The paradox about these vehicles rc is that much smaller, harder to fly, a detail to take into account. Also you should look, when you go to buy one, what propulsion system you prefer: mini helicopters and micro are electric, battery (some even have usb cable for uploading them), whereas the medium and large are to fuel.

A characteristic of the RC helicopters is the number of accessories that you can add: cameras, accessories for night flight, additional lights, range finders (to measure speed, number of turns, revolutions per minute, temperature), accelerators, and many more. If you are going to opt for a Large scale RC helicopter, it is best that radio has 5 or 6 programmable channels, to make different combinations in the movements of the rotors. The radio control can be purchased independently to the vehicle.

You’ll find that, in many sites devoted to aeromodelling, they will advise you start practicing with a Flight Simulator. This will help you understand how to control your RC helicopter, but I could also be counterproductive: a successful Flight Simulator does not mean that we won’t have setbacks to fly our real rc helicopter. If we take into account that the blades they can reach 2200 rpm, you can imagine the speed can reach, and the effect of a fall.

As with most large scale radio control vehicles , our RC helicopter you will need an initial setting, excellent maintenance, checklist of the entire apparatus whenever we are going to use it, and many caution: unless it is a mini model, must never fly it indoors, on persons or on the street, only in open spaces.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll find good basic information to find out how to get started using your RC helicopter at the site of the link.