A Toy, a Smile, an Illusion

On the dates that lie ahead, the products are toys for children. We love to see how they enjoy, as they laugh and how ilusionan with toys that is going to bring Santa Claus or the Magi, but, and those who don’t have that illusion?.

It is regrettable and very sad to see how many children, they are devoid of these illusions, and that most people only see these misfortunes during the Christmas. Children don’t choose their future but we have much to do in it, because of the interests of adults, they are directly affected.

During these dates, NGOs try to make these illusions to reach different parts of the world, but without our collaboration, many children are lacking of these illusions. A toy that your child does not use, which already do not you want to play, you can make happy to another which has hardly ever had a toy, no hesitation, deliver one of these toys to these humanitarian organisations is an action that AIDS in the future of that child to make you feel as it is a child, and that for a few days forget a little their hardships and miseries, which creates the illusion and a world best.
It can also be the time to explain our son that there are many children who do not have the same fate as him, arriving in the country where they live not the wise men, will not receive any toy and have nothing with what play. We must try to make him understand that it is good to share, that he choose a toy to give away it that child has nothing and will help with that a little person like him, to enjoy Christmas and the right to play. It can be very difficult, there are children who are not generous, but there it is our role, teach our child to be supportive and that a toy that does not use can make happy many children.

Perhaps many people think that it is not nothing deliver a toy and that they traded with him getting benefit, that this toy does not reach the hands of one of those children. Well, surely, if you don’t give that toy there is many more possibilities that do not reach their hands. You have to try and rely on these organizations, try to help as far as you can to make the joy of the child do not know but it could be our son.