A Static Bike for Children, Would Actually Is a Good Idea?

Every so often, some new toy outside the traditional hits the market, causing opinions divided between parents. Many times we asked ourselves what the manufacturers were thinking when they decided it was a good idea. Perhaps it was a marketing mistake and not thought thoroughly the possible negatives that could be your new product or simply not well made its preliminary investigation.

The latest toy that is being strongly criticized is an exercise bike for kids. In principle it sounds like an idea with good intentions – which children exercise-, but the fact of Add a tablet and that you can connect to the TV while using it, You can turn it into something negative.

The new proposal by Fisher-Price: Think & Learn Smart Cycle

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show held the first week of January in Las Vegas, Fisher-Price introduced his new toy star: an exercise bike for kids.

His name is Think & Learn Smart Cycle, and it is basically a static bike tailor-made for children aged 3 to 6 years. Up to there seems a bike like that we know. But the particular feature of it is that You can connect to a tablet or on television via Bluetooth (at present only work with Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Android TV), making her a physical and digital, gaming experience according to Fisher-Price.

Through a series of educational games designed exclusively for this new bike, children pedaling and handle as they reinforce their math and reading skills. The first package of games is free, and you can buy other popular cartoons to download them and use them with this bike.

What do parents say?

The reactions were certainly not swift. On the one hand, some think that it is an excellent idea. In a reality where many children spend more than the recommended time using a tablet or watching television, is a possible support to help keep them active and avoid problems as childhood obesity.

On the other hand, are those who think precisely the opposite: that promotes excessive use of tablets and TV, and rather than helping to solve a problem ends up justifying that children spend more time tucked inside a screen, When we know that it is the shortest possible time.

On that side, I agree with them, because What we should do is to encourage children to play outdoors or with educational toys that keep them active physically and mentally, without being absorbed against a tablet.

There was an earlier version

Now, this bike is not revolutionary or innovative. Fisher-Price had filed a previous model that is connected only to the television nearly 10 years ago, but I suppose that you as before was not so common that everyone had a profile on networks and still not much talk of consequences of spending long periods using tablets or TVs, criticisms were not so hard.

According to Jim Silver, a toy industry analyst, the first version was very popular Since it encouraged children to be physically active at a time in which childhood obesity began to be worrying.

Personally I finished convincing and I am more inclined towards the parent group that does not seem a good idea. My reason is as follows: Why offer a solution conformist to a problem that is really serious? Much has been said of which may result in children being exposed for long periods to a game on a tablet or a television program.

Even though is becoming increasingly more difficult to limit screen time to the children, This seems to me a lazy solution and a COP-out to not feel so bad parenting by allowing prolonged use of these devices.

Yes, it is not the worst thing in the world and probably many parents think that if their children will already be glued to a screen, because at least that exercise, isn’t it? But as commented, It is not the best solution to the problem. The ideal would be to promote physical and recreational activities outdoors.

The Think bike & Learn Smart Cycle will be released in the summer, with a price of 143 euros ($150).

What do you think of this new product? Would you buy it to your children?