A Good Idea: Swings for Stuffed Animals

I have feelings with stuffed animals. On the one hand, seem to be super tender, she would sleep surrounded by them, but on the other seem me unhelpful toys, that occupy too much space and just gather dust on a shelf.

For this reason, have found me a good idea create a site special and decorative to place, like these swings for stuffed animals that you can do yourself with help of kids.

What do you need? Very simple materials: a few sticks of wood which you can collect in the forest (by the way, already have solved a summer plan with children), white cotton rope and a few nails to fasten the swings to the wall. The tools that you will need are a hole saw to cut the sticks to the extent that more you like and a drill to make holes.

Once cut the sticks to the desired size, you have to drill them at both ends, passing the rope and knotting it. Then you’ll have to make another knot in the opposite end of the rope that will serve to nail and hanging swing.

In this way, you uncompleted storage Teddies while creating a decorative element that will give a touch of originality to the child room.

You can create a composition of two or three swings at different heights and sentáis there to stuffed animals. With this good idea I think I’m able to fall in love with them.