A Girl of Two Years Gives a Lesson to The Cashier That Discriminated against Its Black Doll

Sophia has just two years but things very clear. It is that children don’t see toys in the differences that some adults are. Children are not born with prejudice about race and gender.

Her mother took her to a department store, so he chose a doll as a prize for leaving the diaper. The girl chose a black doll, a doctor to be precise (it seems the ‘Dr. toys’). When it comes to pay it, the cashier told him that he chose another doll that will seem to you more (the girl is white and blue-eyed) what the girl answered him giving an important lesson.

Her mother, Brandi Benner, published what happened in your Facebook profile along with a photo of the girl with her black doll in her arms and a huge smile on your face with the following message:

“This experience has confirmed my belief that they are not born with the idea that the color is important. The skin comes in different colors, in the same way that the hair and eyes, and all shades are beautiful”.

“Are you sure you want this doll, love?”. “The girl answered Yes, and the cashier followed:”But does not seem to you. We have many dolls that you look more”.

The little girl replied: “Yes we seem. She is a doctor and I am a doctor. And I am a pretty girl and she is a pretty girl. Do you see your beautiful hair? And your stethoscope?”.

The cashier was not expected that response from the girl and ended up admitting that he was right: “That’s nice,” said.

As said by the mother on CNN, love the girl cartoon series ‘Dr. toys’, through which he learned the word “stethoscope”. The character has a magical stethoscope that gives life to his friends toys.