A Christmas Portal.

In Venezuela who brings toys on Christmas Eve is the child Jesus. Never seen you in shopping centers with which each child must imagine this tiny being that it sneaks on December 24 and leave gifts under the tree of Christmas. Too bad every day Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas (as know you there) despite the heat gain ground against the child Jesus. I don’t know as you can scroll it because it is a daring dress up Santa Claus with 37 degrees of temperature and however kindly smile. In Brazil there are rows of “Potatoes Noeles” sitting on the sidewalk while they drink schnapps waiting to be hired to deliver the toys at family gatherings. Some are rejected for being completely drunk.

Call this Anglo-Saxon character Viejito Pascuero in Chile. Instead in Spain and Mexico the Magi are responsible for brighten Christmas for the little ones. Large and children worship and are waiting with impatience the Christmas parade in all of Spain’s cities.
In Honduras on December 25 the child Jesus in the Bethlehem some House, is disappears whereupon 26-30 is done his search around the neighborhood, until it is found, and in that house where it was found is a meeting giving the wizards infernal punch, coffee, cookies, candy, singing Christmas songs. Bulgaria is desired: Vasel Koleda; Tchesti nova godina! (Merry Christmas!).

If you like to know how Christmas is celebrated in other countries Spanish speaking, in Serbia or the Hanukkah can visit Christmas Latina.com, a very full Christmas portal. You’ll find the history of Christmas, Santa Claus, the Kings, recipes for these dates, Merry Christmas in different languages…

For the little ones are there activities online. You can download drawings coloring Christmas, stories, poems, music and carols. It is common to all cultures celebrate family, without a doubt the best gift.