9 Methods for Determining the Sex of an Unborn Baby

Good day my divas!

Today will be our first post maternity session and, to start, I’m going to talk a little bit about the various sympathies and about the most effective ways to find out the sex of the baby before 16 weeks.

There’s no way, as soon as the news spread, all want to hazard a guess about the sex of the baby, then I prepared the most famous methods to show you! Will that work?

1st) Method of the spoon and the fork: This is the most traditional of all. The woman asks for someone to hide a spoon and a fork under cushions or pillows, then the person calls the mother-to-be, who must choose where to sit. If you choose where the spoon is, it will be a girl, and if you choose where the fork is, it is a boy.

I’ve made this 3 times: 2 gave girl and gave 1 boy!

2nd) Method of the skin: If mom’s skin has improved after pregnancy is because it’s a boy, if worsened, it will be a girl.

Well … My face is full of cravinhos and pimples, then it should point to a baby girl.

3rd) The names of the parents: from what I’ve seen, this only applies to the first child of the couple. Add the amount of letters of the name of the mother with the letters of the name of the father and, if an even number, it will be a girl, if is odd, is a boy.

DAVE + DANIEL = 12 (even), so new girl! (For the record, in the case of my parents, given odd number and even then the firstborn is a beautiful girl, in case I. )

4th) Method of heart rate: they say that if the heartbeat of the fetus at the first ultrasound are above 150 bpm is more likely to be a girl, and if it’s below is more likely to be a boy.

My first gave 159 bpm!

5th) Method: the pregnant woman should lie down on your back and hold the line, leaving the Alliance hanging above the belly, without making a move. Next, it should be noted whether the Alliance will rotate or be a back and forth motion (can be done with a needle in place of the Alliance too). According to the test, if the Alliance be turning, the baby is a girl, and if you stand still, or if you do the movements of comes and goes, it’s a boy.

I did with my ring and she was turning very very slowly!

6th) Chinese table: from what I read on the internet, this is a killer trick! Legend has it that this table was found buried in the tomb of a Chinese Royal family and that hit 99% of the cases. Currently, the original is exhibited at the Institute of Sciences of Beijing.

Well … On one side of the table, there is the lunar age of mother, and on the other, the month of conception. To calculate your lunar age, simply add 1 year to your real age, for example, if you had 30 years at the moment of conception, a sum his age and turns 31. This is your age. But the table has a curiosity: If you were born in January or February, you don’t have to add one, and its lunar age is your age even. There is just cross that lunar age with the month in which it was conceived the baby, the sex of the child.

I was 24 years old and the baby was “conceived” in May. So … 24 + 1 = 25 x may = GIRL!

Well … Although almost all have turned to girl, I’m guessing it is a big boy. I think that’s from everybody to tell me that I’m having a boy, I’m even getting used to the idea and looking with more attention to male macaws to reopen.

But for those who want to make sure and wait out the meeesmo 16 weeks for the ultrasound, there are 2 most effective methods to find out the sex of the baby, they are the urinalysis and fetal sexing.

Urine test-IntelliGender

Already exists in the market for a urine test to be done at home and in 10 minutes, reveals if you’re expecting a boy or a girl. Is still expensive and hard to find in pharmacies of Brazil, but has a 90% effectiveness and can be done from the 10th week of pregnancy.

For those who live in the States, it costs approximately $ 25.00, but in Brazilian lands, he comes to cost 200 R$. The problem here, is that I saw several mothers in communities complaining that the result went wrong, so I preferred not to risk!

Blood test-Fetal Sexing

Almost a decade ago it was discovered that a small amount of DNA from the fetus passes into the mother’s blood, thus performing a simple blood test is possible to find out the sex of the baby. This test can be performed from the 8th week of gestation, and the presence of the Y chromosome. When it is found, it indicates it’s a boy; its absence means a girl.

Attention: in the case of identical twins, the result holds for the two fetuses. Already the fraternal twins and the twins bivitelinos, the result “Y” means that at least one of the twins will be boy. If the result goes the absence of Y chromosome can be said that both are girls.

From what I researched, the health plans do not cover the review and here in my little town he is costing some R$ 400.00. As I discovered the pregnancy advanced already (almost 3 months), I decided to wait a little longer to do the ultrasound, but if this child does not open my legs, I do the Fetal Sexing on the same day.

And then girls … Do you know more method?

Did you work for you? I want to know all the details!