80’s Toys:Where to Buy

The decade of the 80s was from January 1, 1980 to December 31, 1989. It was one of the most remarkable periods in the history of the twentieth century, be it political or social. For children, this era was a revolution, especially for the toys that came up. To revive one of the key moments of this century, we will point out where to buy toys from the 80’s, a way to relive the best childhood of all time.

Meet the toys that made success in the 80’s

Few children today know what it is to play “Playmobil”, play “atari” or even know what it is to “feel fear of the phone”. Certainly, the 80’s were the time of transformation and evolution of toys, being considered one of the best childhoods of all time. Here are some examples of toys that marked the season.

  • Genius:memory game – this is a memory game where, with each new game was presented a sequence of different lights and sounds. At the time of its launch, it was a revolution for children;
  • Magic Cube – this toy had a love-hate relationship for children. The mixture of feelings was manifested by the agony faced by having to arrange the sides of the six-sided polyhedron so that each face had the same color;
  • Pula pirate – the purpose of the toy is to stick the sword and twist so the doll does not jump. If that happened, you would lose the game;
  • Rich Mouth – the toy consisted of shoving the colored coins into the red box.At one point, the safe door opened and the person received the “fortune”;
  • Commands in action – these toys became a fever in the 1980s. The dolls were based on the cartoon GIJoe which contained several types of characters, including soldiers and paramedics;
  • Aquaplay – the toy was almost a handheld arcade, but it had to have water for it to work.

Know where to buy toys from the 80’s

The 80s were one of the most revolutionary times for children because of their toys.Above, we have separated some examples of toys that made the head of the child and which, until today, arouse nostalgia.Fortunately, some of these toys can be purchased through the largest online shopping site, the Free Market.To know more, just go to the website and check the products.

The 1980s were one of the most important times of the twentieth century. For children, it was a period of transformation and revolution due to toys. It sure was one of the best childhoods of all time, leaving a nostalgic air to the present day.