8 Steps Of How To Pick The Best Stroller

Well … One of the items most researched at the time of the trousseau was undoubtedly the stroller! I watched several videos and googled way before I decide and I confess that I’m still not 100% satisfied.

When I faced the basket, more indicated by 90% of the sites was the Quinny Buzz and I confess that was my chosen brand. It is also practical to assemble and disassemble, automatically unfolds and also has the versatility to carry a baby or comfortable positions. The only problem was the price. I did not want to spend over 1,000 dollars on a stroller, and the USA brand Buzz gives the baby comfort, went out to some 700 dollars and more account than here, but it was still not what I intended.

After a long search, I decided to buy a model of Graco that met almost all my requirements:

1) I had three wheels (because I’m very athletic and run with it daily);

2) I want maximum comfort for my baby (and the adaptation to the car);

3) Easy assembly and disassembly;

4) Neutral (I bought the black to be passed down to the next baby!);

5) Multiple compartments to facilitate the life of the mother; and

6) Value consistent with my budget.

I ended up buying the model Graco FastAction Fold , and paid U $ 300.00 for it. Here in Brazil, I found sites selling model 2/3 thousand reais, ie saved enough is not it !? LOL

In theory, I would have made an excellent choice, HOWEVER, I neglected a small detail of the utmost importance: Cart Lucca does not fit in the trunk stand Mom’s here! LOL

In fact, it fits, but for that, I lose a key benefit which is practicality. To fit it in my car trunk, you need to remove the trolley wheels and then put them back, ZERO CONVENIENCE!

That’s when my mother suggested I buy a simple and practical stand to leave it right in the car.

Let me explain.

I am independent and I solve 80% of my problems alone, and with a child is a little more difficult, for example, walking around the mall and carrying groceries, going to the supermarket …. The shopping cart to have a loan service, but as I said, cousin for convenience and go to the delivery center with baby, bag, bags etc, always means a lot of work for me, both on arrival and departure.

So I bought the model UMBRELLA LINEA the Voyage and I’m in love. I paid R $ 199.00 on it and it serves me a very long time! It is right in my trunk and when closed is about the size of an umbrella, so it fits in any car. Not to mention that it is super simple to open and close, and is very comfortable for the baby too. The Lucca prefer to lie in it than in the Graco I bought!LOL

As I mentioned, I use my only ride in local plans. As it’s not all steel, the cart appears to be much more fragile and certainly is not recommended for a stroll along the boardwalk to the beach for example.

For outdoor trips or at home, I always use the big one. My mother jokingly said that Lucca has a corolla (Graco) and fusquinha (Voyage)! And I can say that use well the two, more to the fusquinha than corolla! LOL

Well girls … I think I could well sum up my saga of buying a stroller! And you, what was the option of yours?

Did you opt for a different model? What did you think?