Toys for Autistic Children

Children with autism do not always share the same play interests as other children. Choose toys for autistic children can therefore pose a challenge for many parents. Choosing toys for autistic children, follow the child’s lead and interests. Ignore the age recommendations on the toys unless there is a security risk, and don’t worry about what other kids of the same age as: each child, autistic or not, is unique.

1 observe the child at play. Many children with autism tend to play with parts of the toys instead of the toy as a whole. Nevertheless, they provide clues to what appeals to them as far as color, texture and movement.  Continue reading

Best Toys for Child Development

The majority of Swedish parents are buying mainly toys that can stimulate children. But according to a new poll believe almost a third of all parents that it is difficult to get an overview of what toys that fit the child’s age and needs. Mattel provides in collaboration with the therapist and child nurse Lisbeth Jess Swedish parents some good rules of thumb that can help them navigate the leksaksdjungeln.

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